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10 Free SEO Tools

If you are a blogger, YouTuber or you have a website, then it is very important for you to have at least basic knowledge of SEO. If you want to earn good money from blog and YouTube, then it is very important to have knowledge of SEO for that.
We will be able to earn money from our blog, YouTube channel or website only when people visit our blog or website. We cannot earn money until our blog will not get organic traffic.
The more organic traffic that comes to our blog, the more and sooner we will be able to earn money. And the only way to get organic traffic is through search engine optimization.
If you do SEO of your blog well then organic traffic will start coming to your blog. You will know this thing that, if we do SEO of a website or blog in a proper way, then we can increase a lot of organic traffic.
While doing SEO, along with having knowledge of SEO, it is also important to have knowledge of SEO tools. If we use the right and good tools then we can save a lot of our time.

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1) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free SEO tool from Google. Which Google has made available absolutely free for its users. Google Keyword Planner is a very good and best tool for searching keyboard.
From here you can search any keyword on any topic. Short keywords and long-tail keywords can also be easily searched from here.
To use Google Keyword Planner, you must first sign up on Google adword. From here you can check the competition of any keyboard, check CPC.
This tool is very useful for all bloggers. If you are a new blogger then you can use Google Keyword Planner because it is completely free

2) Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is also a very popular and useful tool. You must have understood from the name that this is also a Google tool which is completely free.
We use this tool to check the loading speed of our blog. Or we can also say that this tool is also used as a ranking factor.

3) Google Search Console

Google search console is also a Google tool which is completely free. Google Search Console is Google’s webmaster tool, with the help of which you can submit your blog to Google search engine.
If you do not submit your blog to Google Search Console, then Google will not rank any post on your blog. So therefore definitely submit your site to Google Search Console and create a sitemap.
Google Search Console helps to rank your blog and all the articles of the blog on the Google search engine. You can submit your blog sitemap here. And this tool tells us SEO related errors in the blog.
Just as it is necessary to submit a blog to Google Search Console to rank on Google search engine, similarly other search engines like – Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. It is necessary to submit your blog on their webmaster tools in order to rank.

4) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also a tool of Google and it is a very important and popular SEO tool, which Google has made available absolutely free for all its users.
I am telling the tools of Google first because Google is the most trusted and popular company in the world. And Google’s security is top class.
In such a situation, we can benefit a lot by using Google’s tools. Google Analytics is also a very important tool for our side, with the help of which we can analyze the traffic coming to our blog.
Google Analytics is a website traffic analyzer tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily get a lot of data of the traffic coming to your blog.
For example – at what time does the traffic on your side come the most, which keyboards are getting more traffic, which country, device and platform is getting more traffic. What is the bounce rate of your site, what is the real time traffic of your site, etc. In this way this tool is also very important for us.

5) Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a very good and best Keyword Finder Tool. And this is completely free tool.
Keywords Everywhere is a free add-on extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Which is the CPC, Competition, Search Result Volume, etc. of each keyword. shows. This is also one of my favorite keyword research tools.
To use this tool, add and install its extension in your browser Chrome or Firefox. After that enter your email, on which you will get a key, after verifying the key, you will be able to use this tool easily.
All you have to do is search any keyword in Google and it will give you many more keywords related to that keyword as a result, CPC, Competition, etc. of that keyword. Will tell

6) Woorank - SEO & Website Analysis

Woorank is also a very good and best free SEO tool. With the help of this tool, you can check the SEO report of your site. It provides a deep SEO report for any website. Let us tell you that, with the help of this tool, you can get high rank in all search engines. Because WooRank provides top class SEO Tips for your website.
It also has a paid version, but you can use it for free. Its free version has many advanced features that are in the paid version.

7) Alexa Site Info

You must have heard the name of Alexa. These are very important and necessary tools for SEO. You can use Alexa Site Info for free. But Alexa is not completely free.
Some basic features are available for free, but for advanced features, you have to take its paid version. But I would recommend that you use Alexa Site Info for free. It gives you as much information as you need for free.
You can find out the rank of any site on Alexa Site Info. The Global Rank and National Rank of your site, that is, tells the rank of your site in your country.
Along with this, it also shows which keywords are ranked, which are the competitor sites, which sites are linked, what is the loading speed of the site, bounce rate, etc. Make sure to use this tool, it is a very useful tool.

8) Broken Link Checker

We should always keep checking the Broken Link of our site from time to time. What are Broken Links? I have already written an article on this, you can read.
When any page is not open inside our site or shows 404 error, then the link of that page is called broken link. If there are more Broken Link in our site then search engine will ignore our site and our site will not rank It will happen. That’s why we should keep checking broken links from time to time.
It also shows the source page of Broken Link, after which it becomes more easy for us to delete that broken link.

9) Keyword Tool.io

Keyword Tool is a very good Keyword Finder tool, which is completely free. It also has premium versions, but the free version is so advanced that you will not have to think about the premium version.
With the help of this tool, you can download Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram, Etc. You can search keywords for any platform. In this you can find the keyword’s CPC, Competition, Search Volume, etc. can also see.

10) Ahrefs Backlink Checker

By the way, Ahrefs is a premium tool. But you can use Ahrefs Backlink Checker for free. Ahrefs is a very popular SEO tool, about which you must have also heard before.
The Backlink Checker of this tool is absolutely free. Most of the popular and successful bloggers use this SEO tool only.
So with the help of this tool you can check the backlink of your site. You can see where your competitor is getting the backlink from. Also you can check the Authority Level of your site.



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