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Choosing Digital Marketing & SEO as a Career

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Training : Cover 10 Top SEO Topics Forum Posting / Link Building / Content Creation / Keyword Research etc. (With Free Study Materials)
2. We Will Provide Projects of SEO.
3. Website Creation Training : Whatever Branch You have like ec / machnical n/ fin. / it / cs/ others, we will provide you website creation training . in this we learn a software "Dreamweaver" here we learn only design part not a coding part,
Also You will get
#one domain (like www.abcd.com / www.abcd.co.in) is absolutely free with 1.5 gb
# Learn How to uploading your website to server with ftp tools
4. Freelancer training for getting online projects :
#how To get projects from uk / us clients # client handling
5. ppc / cpc, facebook ads, youtube promotion techniques (smo/sem)
#pay per click training, # Earning through your own site with per click.