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Keyword is a phrase or a sentence.

Which you use in the title to describe your article. Like “What is a Keyword” this is a phrase, which is called a keyword in the language of Blogging or SEO.
If you are a beginner in blogging, then you will understand this example very well. You have to write an essay on Mahatma Gandhi. So maybe you will search in Google something like “Essay On Mahatma Gandhi” or “Essay on Mahatma Gandhi” and both of these are your keywords.
This is a phrase or the title of the post cannot be spoken. Through which you increase the traffic of your site. The topic on which you write is also a keyword. If you want to write Seo Friendly Article then you have to target a phrase. We will call this Target Phrase as Target Keyword.
You can say this, you search anything in Google and you get the results of all the queries, you can also say one keyword to them. Now a question must have come in your mind that what is the need of Keyword in article or post.

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What is the importance of keywords for SEO

Keywords have a lot of importance to increase On Page SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) sets the position of the article in Google in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
In SEO, we target a phrase, which is called “Target Keyword”. If you are getting confused in SEO and Keyword, then understand SEO as Search Engine Optimization.
You have written a new post, but now how will Google know on which topic your article is? And it is possible that you can do this with the help of SEO and optimizing the content for the search engine. Which has many benefits like the traffic of your site will increase.
On searching your article, it will come on the first page of google. It will have more and more visitors. The ranking of the site will increase. To write SEO Friendly Article you have to use Keyword.
Now let’s talk a little inside. To make your blog post or page SEO friendly, we have the option to define these keywords at one place and the same place is Meta Description. But as far as I know Google is auto detecting Keywords after the change in Algorithym. Types Of Keyword Used in SEO

Generally there are two types of keywords.

1. Short Tail Keyword

Short Tail Keyword consists of 1 to 3 words. That’s why it is called Short Tail. Look at some examples of this EX- Earn Money Online, Free Ebooks, Free jio phone. You must have seen in the above three examples, the length of these Phrase (Keyword) is within 3 Words or 3.

2. Long Tail Keywords

The length of Long Tail Keywords will be more than 3. That’s why it is called Long Tail. See some examples of this EX- How to Earn Money Online in Facebook, How to earn money from WhatsApp, How to learn Blogging in 10 days. You will see that the length of these is more.
Always try that Long tail Keyword is used more. Generally every blogger does this. When you use Long Tail Keyword, then Short Tail Keyword is also likely to rank easily.

LSI Keywords

The full name of LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing, this is a method. Through this you can find out what is the relationship between the keyword and the content used in the post. When Search Engine bots crawl the content of your page, it identifies all the common words or phrases as keywords. LSI also works to detect phrase stuffing.
LSI finds a response similar to your page title within the content. By which LSI would know that how many times you have done words again and again. You cannot fool Search Engine by using Phrase or Title at random place in your page. So don’t ever make this mistake.
The title of your post is “Budget Laptops”, then when LSI searches for “Related Words” within the content with this title. For example, will search for words like “Less Price Laptop”, “Inexpensive laptop”, “cost effective”.

What is Keyword Density

The density of keywords can also be spoken. It tells how many times a Keyword (Phrase) is present in an article. How many times the keyword has been used in comparison to the number of words in the whole text.
Take an example, there are 100 words in them, your phrase is 3 times, so now the Keyword Density is 3%. According to Searching, High Keyword Density is a good sign for SEO. Remember, even if you are using the same keyword again and again, it is wrong, it is called Keyword Stuffing.
If you do this then your page will not appear in Google Search.
Whenever bots crawl your page, they crawl keywords. From this, they come to know that your page is ranked on the keyword from which. Keyword density should be more than 2% of your entire article and if possible try to keep 1 to 2%.
You have to stay away from Keyword Stuffing. The more you focus on the Main Keyword, the sooner your page rank will be. Pay more attention to the same long tail keyword.

Where should the keyword placement be

Placement of keywords at the right place of the post is a great art in itself. And you will get this art automatically while blogging. So here’s a talk about something
Put the keyword in the title.
Use keywords in your first paragraph.
Use Keyword in Image Alt Tag.
Use Heading and Subheading (H2 and H3 Tags)



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