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Most people understand the meaning of Off Page SEO as Backlinks.

Most people understand the meaning of Off Page SEO as Backlinks. But let me tell you that it will not be completely correct to say so. The most effective way to increase the traffic of any website is its Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By doing SEO, you can bring your website or blog to the top of the ranking of all search engines. And can get more and more traffic. So let us understand all in detail in detail.

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What is Off Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO is also called “Off-Site SEO”? According to MOZ – All the work done outside the website, whose effect is read on the ranking of the Result Page [SERP] of the Search Engine, is called Off Page SEO. Which you do SEO by moving away from your page. This means that such SEO which we do not do on the page of our post. After publishing the post, they do that too outside their blog. You can easily understand with the help of example. e.g. Social Media Sharing, Commenting, Guest Post, Directory Submission, Etc.
All social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked in, Etc. But make a profile of your website and keep updating it continuously. Also, after publishing the article, share it on all social sites immediately. Write guest posts by visiting other popular blogs related to your blog. What are Guest Posts? How to write guest post? And comment in other popular blogs to make backlink. By doing this your post will have Off Page SEO.

How to do Off Page SEO?

As much as On-Page SEO is necessary for blog posts, the same is important for Off-Page SEO. If you want to increase the traffic of your blog, then you must also do Off-Page SEO in all your blog posts. So let’s learn how to do Off-Page SEO.

i) Social Media Engagement

Social media is a very big platform. From here you can reach your business, website or blog to the people. In today’s time, almost everyone will be found on some or the other social media sites. So that’s why social media is a good option to reach your blog post to as many people as possible.
If you want to make your blog, website, YouTube channel or business popular, then for that you have to be constantly active on social media sites. Create a profile of your business, website or blog on all social media sites and add the URL / link of your blog.
Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Pinterest, Instagram, Etc. Like create your business profile on all social sites, like Tech Hindi is made of knowledge. After that enter the correct information about your blog or business. So that people keep trust in you and your business. Please enter the link (URL) of your blog or website.
By putting the link (URL) of the blog / website on social sites, you will get backlink. With the help of which the traffic of your blog will increase. But keep in mind that just creating a profile on social sites does not increase traffic, for this you have to be active on social sites. Have to post regularly. Make at least 2 to 4 posts related to your business on social sites daily.

ii) Social Bookmarking Sites

Blog or website traffic is also increased from Social Bookmarking Sites. Just like social media sites, there are social bookmarking sites. If you add a link (URL) of your blog here, then you get a High Quality Backlink from here. So in this way your traffic from social bookmarking sites can increase a lot.
Let us tell you that we can share our blog content, articles, posts on Social Bookmarking Sites. And many professional bloggers use social bookmarking sites. By doing this the traffic of the blog or website increases manifold. That’s why I would recommend that you also share your content, articles, posts on all bookmarking sites.

iii) Article Submission

Article Submission is a great and best way to do Off Page SEO. This increases the traffic of the blog to a great extent. By submitting articles, we get a high quality backlink and the traffic of the blog increases. Most bloggers do article submission after publishing the post, because they know how much benefit they will get from it.
Every day millions of views come to the article submission website, imagine how much traffic you can get if you submit your article on that website and add a link. If even 5% of the traffic of that article submission website comes to your website, then how much benefit will you get. That’s why I would tell you that whenever you publish a post in your blog, then definitely share it on the article submission website.

iv) Blog Directory Submission

Blog Directory Submission has always been the best way to create High Quality Backlinks. If you want to create high quality backlinks on your blog, then start submitting your blog to the blog directory. By doing this the traffic of your blog will increase. Choose a good and High PR Blog Directory. And submit your blog in it.
Some popular blog directories like – elecdir.com, somuch.com, cipinet.com, networkedblogs.com, etc. Huh. In this you can submit your blog. It is very important to choose a right blog directory and the right category in it. So submit the blog, choose the right category. So that your blog gets approved in that directory.

v) Search Engine Submission

You all must know about search engine submission. If you are a blogger or have a website, then you must have submitted your blog to the search engine webmaster tools. If you haven’t done it, then do it, because it is very important. This will make your blog rank high and traffic will also increase. This is the best way to bring unique traffic to the blog.
Search engine submission like – google, yahoo, bing, yandex, etc. Is. Submit your blog or website on the webmaster tools of all these search engines. Most bloggers often make the mistake of submitting their blogs only to Google Search Console, apart from other search engines not doing it on Webmaster Tools. Don’t make such mistake at all. You submit your website or blog to webmaster tools of all search engines.

vi) Forum Submission

You can increase the traffic of your block by submitting forum. Now the question arises what is form submission? Forum means forum. Meaning a place where people answer questions. You can also ask questions or answer questions asked at such a place. For example, if we want an answer to any question related to Adsense, then we will go to the Adsense forum.
You go to the forum related to your blog niche and answer the questions asked there as well as add links to your articles. Make a good connection with their community. Answer people’s questions correctly and add a link to the article related to it in every answer. And at the same time you can also give your feedback. Regularly be active on that form, answering people’s questions as much as possible. This will improve your image on that forum, people’s trust on your blog will increase and you will also get high quality backlinks.

viii) Media Submission

Media Submission is also a good way to increase traffic to your blog. All the popular and successful bloggers adopt this method to increase the traffic of the block. You can also submit media like video content and images of your blog, which gives you backlinks as well as traffic. You can share your block’s media like videos and images on different video sharing and image sharing sites.
Media Submission Sites like – YouTube.com, Dailymotion.com, vimeo.com, flickr.com, Instagram.com, Pinterest.com, thumblr.co., etc. These are all media submission sites. Where you can share videos and images. These are some popular media submission sites, apart from this there are many other media submission sites.



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